Bethells Beach, Auckland

For the last little while I’ve been a little too ferocious with my To Do lists (because when I write them, I feel compelled to implement them). So I haven’t been able to enjoy any beach trips recently… besides, it’s super windy this spring. Sandblasted eyeballs anyone? No thanks!

Fortunately I have a stash of gorgeous beach photos saved on my trusty computer to enjoy. It means I can share a ‘virtual’ beach break with you – minus the sandblasting! 😉

This is a photo I took winter last year at Bethells Beach. That’s on the west coast of Auckland, where there’s black volcanic sand and big crashing waves… it’s gorgeously atmospheric!

Bethells Beach on Auckland's west coast has volcanic black sand... it's gorgeously moody and atmospheric.

Bethells Beach on Auckland’s west coast has volcanic black sand… it’s gorgeously moody and atmospheric.


This is exactly how the photo came out of the camera (all I did was add my signature and the black frame)… it really did look like that. *sigh!*

Must add to my To Do list: go to a beach! 😉

Till next time,


Andrea x

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