Ooh, is it just my imagination or are things a bit hot around here?

Do you remember borrowing a friend’s favourite book and you’d see where it would fall open so you could discover the ‘rude’ bits right away? I’m hoping that in years to come my books will have suitably cracked spines to let you do the very same thing.

The books I write are the kinds of  books I like to read. The heroines are gals you can relate to… real girls, like you and me. Yes, there are often stories about relationships, but like any females they’ve got other things going on in their lives too: job hassles, misbehaving families, friends in need… all the usual stuff life throws at us.

As for the guys, they’re hunky and fanciable, but they’ve also got the boy-next-door factor. Not that I ever had any cute guys living next door, but that’s what books are there for, right? To give us something to daydream about.

While there’s a touch of daydreaming in my books, you can expect to read plausible plots with believable characters. The stories are fast-paced and very readable, and they have a sprinkling of sunshine, the smell of sea air, and good amount of sizzle.

So whether you’re heading to the beach or simply daydreaming of some sunshine, grab an Andrea Strasser book to keep you company.

Happy reading!


Andrea x

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